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About quality control

Food safety

Food safety

We assume [we send relief, security and the taste of the meal] company policy.
I introduced HACCP that was an international standard of the food hygiene management early and built the thorough quality control system in the certification factory.
The Tomisato second factory produces meat processing food and I acquire the SQF certification on selling it and perform quality control duties by the management and HACCP technique.
 And, in the inspection room to become the central figure of quality control duties (LABO), it was authorized ISO/IEC17025 to 2017. I keep a role to watch a food security system in a scientific inspection room (satellite) having high independency.
 I will still act in the enhancement of further safety standards from now on so that delicious food is sent to by relief, security all the time.

ISO/IEC 17025:2017



With the quality control that Fuji synthesis food thinks about

"What will relief, the safe food be?"

The answer "that because "the certification takes it" has not caused food poisoning" is good, and because "hygiene management is steady" comes back to such a question.
A customer understands our company and thinks that it is to offer the product which you can have in peace. It must be <the food that safety was proved> in it.
<safe proved food> is the food that security was demonstrated by scientific inspection and must perform quality control by the high management.
The next-generation quality control to aim at of the Fuji synthesis food gives a scientific test from every angle and is to make proved products of the validity.

Another quality control

The higher-grade quality control that became possible by utilizing GPS

●The current situation management of the vehicle  
 I manage all vehicles with GPS and can check it with the movement monitor of the vehicle in real time.
●In the compartment temperature-control
 With scrupulous attention as the temperature of the compartment that is important to Shokuhin Yuso, is the inside of car let alone a service management computer       But I confirm it at any time.
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