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Representative greetings

President Hideyuki Tanaka

As the company which supported the meal which Haneda, Narita Airport was provided to in the airline which arrived and departed and the lounge in the airport, we had big trust in keitara company and a hotel, the food production company, and we grew up steadily. I have promoted business in company policy in [I send the reliable security and taste of the meal] consistently since its formation. Chefs such as Japanese food, Western food, Chinese food food, the dish which introduce the HACCP authorization that is an international standard of the food hygiene management early, and piled up experience by the cause of the thorough quality control in the authorized factory create it heartily. I bring up youths carrying compliance education hamuronno ji, the next generation and I concentrate the collective strength of group companies to be satisfied and devote an effort to the visitor of all the business partners for further development.



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