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Company profile

The first factory
The second factory
Have share other life with "a meal"; is maintenance surukoto ... for own life
We want to be companies contributing to the society with a customer through "the meal" that we are thankful for.
I keep "dishes with full of the love that a parent makes for a child" "security, reliable dishes based on the thorough quality control" in mind for all customers who can eat our product.
The Fuji synthesis food will wrestle with every effort from now on to make the product which a customer is satisfied with heartily.
Head office :1-37-4, Oi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
          TEL: 03-3777-0572
Tomisato first factory6-7, Misawa, Tomisato-shi, Chiba  
                  TEL: 0476-90-1200 
        FAX: 0476-90-1212
        The stocking is direct     
          TEL: 0476-90-1122 FAX: 0476-92-6446
Tomisato second factory 2-4, Misawa, Tomisato-shi, Chiba  
        TEL: 0476-90-1133   
        FAX: 0476-90-2244
                      The stocking is direct 
                            TEL: 0476-90-2311 FAX: 0476-90-2277

Main business partner companies

・ANA catering service
・Oriental Hotel Tokyo bay
・Grand Hyatt Tokyo
・Gate gourmet Japan
・Cosmo company
・Conrad Tokyo
・shanguri lah Hotel Tokyo
・JAL royal catering
・Starzen Co., Ltd.
・Palace Hotel
・United airline
・Radisson Hotel Narita
・LOHMEYER Corporation               A i u e o order


・Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
・Kawasaki Shinkin Bank
・Refreshing credit association
・Chiba Bank
・Bank of Yokohama
・Money in business and industry


・Kitayama house industry
・Kitayama management
・G N N world
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