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Quality control

With the quality control that Fuji synthesis food thinks about
I introduce HACCP that is a method to find safety of the food such as the space foods which NASA of the United States of America envisioned to send the product which you can have in peace to a customer with the Fuji synthesis food.

Quality control room <LABO>

<food safety> It is a duty of the food company to prevent o defense, outbreak of the food poisoning and is the biggest theme of the quality control.
I take pride in being HACCP certification factory in the quality control room and, let alone performing harm analysis to secure food safety characteristics, make full use of science technology, and inspection works.
I perform the survey examination by the expert examiner.
 I adopt the technique of the clinical inspection and perform the alien substance judgment.
An examination of bacteria: General number of living bacteria (SPC), coliform bacterium, staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli O157, Salmonella kurosutorijumu, enteritis vibrio cereus campylobacter mold, lactic acid bacterium, examination of water
The inspection of the chemical mark: okishitaze reaction examination, ninhydrin examination, allergenic inspection, flame reaction examination, simple elution examination, luminol reaction examination
I perform the micrography using various organization dyeing such as HE dyeing, the gram dyeing.

Examination for quality control room room

The SQF certification acquisition
Inspection room
Quality control room

Evaluation with the outside engine

I acquired Tokyo food hygiene self-government certification system in February, 2018.
I carry out "Tokyo food hygiene self-government certification system" to evaluate an approach of the hygiene management that I perform every day because a food company secures food security in Tokyo, and to authenticate. I founded "the voluntary hygiene management graded promotion program" that did "seen ka" about the approach of the pre-stage aiming at the certification acquisition, and could appeal to a customer other than this certification system at the capital in August, 2014. <the Tokyo welfare health station>

The higher-grade quality control that became possible by utilizing GPS

●Present conditions management of the vehicle  
 Manage all vehicles with GPS; in real time the movement of the vehicle
I can check it with a monitor.
●In the compartment temperature-control
 With scrupulous attention as the temperature of the compartment that is important to Shokuhin Yuso,
It is the inside of car let alone a service management computer, but
I confirm it at any time.
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